Quilt Gallery


Japanese Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers


Hoffman Challenge

Hoffman Challenge

Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Network Challenge "Aquarius"

Rising Phoenix
Dragon Takes a Wife

"Rising Phoenix"

"My Heritage 2, Native American"

Land of Liberty


Great American Quilt '86 Statue of Liberty Centennial Contest


Wearable Art

All Dressed Up Jacket
Denim Compass Vest

"All Dressed Up Jacket"

"Denim Compass Vest"

Hummers & Trumpet Vest
Out on the town Spiraling Vest

"Hummers & Trumpets Vest"

"Out on the Town Spiraling Vest"

Victorian Compass Yarns Vest

"Victorian Compass Vest"

"Quilt Yarns Vest"

Christmas Spiraling Vest  

"Christmas Spiraling Vest"



Baltimore Beginnings Cupids Aim

"Baltimore Beginnings"

"Cupids Aim"

Floral Delights Love of Quilting

"Floral Delights"

"Love of Quilting"

Maryland My Heritage III Midnight Solice Fairys

"Maryland-My Heritage III"

"Midnight Solice Fairys"

Okinawa Oriental Treasures Sample Techniques

"Oriental Treasures"

"Sample Techniques"

Sample Techniques I Scarecrow

"Sample Techniques I"


Star & Ribbon  

"Star and Ribbon"