Pattern Drafting


There are times when we all have wished that a quilt pattern we bought or were working on was a different size. Often we find a small picture of a block or even a quilt in a magazine and there wasn't a pattern in it.
When a person starts to learn something new, part of the biggest hurdle is the terminology and how to start. There are some, when learning on their own comes easy and others who need to take classes. Both are right in their own way and neither are wrong.
But when it comes to redrafting traditional patterns, not everyone wants to learn how to draft. There is also the accuracy side of drafting that has to be considered. Because if you don't redraft the pattern accurately, then your whole project is going to be ruined. If not totally ruined, at least nothing will match up right.
Then you have individuals who wants to do an applique design; a landscape, a seascape, flower gardens, under seascape, houses, or an idea they have but can't find patterns or don't know how to go about drafting it.
There are two categories of patterns; traditional public domain patterns and your own original idea applique patterns. Price estimates will be different for both. Traditional public domain pattern prices will be determined by size for example a 12" X 12" square might be $8.00 plus postage. An original pattern is being drawn and drafted and drafted from scratch, the prices will be higher and the cost will be determined on a one by one basis.
All patterns will also be researched with reasonable time frame to make sure that copyrights are respected. If you have a copyrighted pattern, and want it redrafted into a larger size, you must have written permission for the redraft from the designer with a copy provided and sent to me and also provide me with the artist/designers contact information.
So I am offering my service for those who do not know how or who don't want to draft or redraft patterns.
Close your eyes and visualize your piece, then gather your ideas of what you want and make a list. If you are not sure if your idea is workable, why not contact me for a NO COST NO OBLIGATION consultation and price estimated for your ideas of a commissioned project.
For traditional public domain patterns I will need a picture of the pattern along with a name. For an original drafted to scale applique design, I will require a signed contract along with a set deposit. Money Orders or Checks will be accepted and when it has been cleared by the bank, proposed work will begin.
All drafting projects are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
To commission a draft, contact Cindy at and request a Drafting Agreement be emailed to you or mailed to you through the post office, include your home mailing address in the email. I will not mail any item to a PO Box address. All packages will have to be signed for in order to insure delivery. My mailing address when needed will be provided.